At Netech Cabling Inc, our team of technicians and project managers specialize in cable management. Our role includes supporting the cables whilst being routed through the building from Point A to B and to make subsequent management of cables through the lifetime of the installation easier. Cable management is an important step during the installation of building services. We specialize at:

  • Installation of racks, server cabinets
  • Installation of cable tray
  • Dressing Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat6A according to market standards
  • Properly install patch panel, switches and routers
  • Adjusting vertical and horizontal cable managers
  • Proper connections between patch panel and switches

Here at Netech cabling Inc, customer satisfaction is a priority, and we are currently servicing Toronto and the surrounding areas. When relocating your IT equipment, you will need to consider the impact that cabling can have on your working environment. A good cabling solution provided by our project managers and technicians will not only optimize performance and user comfort but can also help you conform to safety legislation.

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