Netech Cabling Inc is a structured networking solution provider in Toronto and understands that cabling is a vital component of the entire IT network infrastructure. We will work with you to understand your business, provide consultation, implementation and installation service, as well as ongoing customer support.

We Netech Cabling Inc. is a team of 40 field technicians, which includes lead technicians, associate technicians, project managers and an estimator. We also offer VoIP services at effective price with 24 hours * 7 days a week. We specialized in setting business VoIP systems and their routing, Switching services.

Netech Cabling Inc Incorporation provides the following services to our customers:

  • Data and voice cabling
  • Horizontal Cable: Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 6A
  • Back Bone Cable: Multi pair Copper or Fiber Optic

Data Center

Building data center by supplying and installation of racks, cabinets, cable tray, patch panel, horizontal and vertical cable manager.


Installation of only laser design labels according to design and ease of future access.

Fiber Optic

Speeding up your network, our professionally trained technician will install and setup your fiber optic cable connections in a neat and timely manner. We can install single mode and multi-mode fiber optic cable connections between multiple floors in a building, within floors in a building and between buildings.

Security Cameras

For better security of your business, we can run and install IP or non-IP based security system. You can control your office activity over the Internet at any time and at any place.

Key Access Control System

Run and install the key access control system for single door to multiple doors.

Our technicians at Netech Cabling Inc can terminate different kinds of LC, ST and SC fiber connector’s methods, including splicing. Our team is experienced, understands the value of customers and has good communication skills. They are Tyco, Siemens and CCNA certified.

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